Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Choose Brown

When I decided to paint a woman on the run, I hurriedly sketched a woman in a suit running for a bus. She was late for an important meeting with her lawyer and was fighting for her job which was about to be taken over by the company owner's son. She had been suspicious for sometime that the young man was after her job. He would stop by her office frequently and sort of hang out, fingering her files and looking over her shoulder at her most current renderings. She was the head of the art department at a prestigious department store in New York, that city of excitement and streets filled with strangers with their eyes straight and elbows out.

I never finished the story but I did finish the glass enamel painting on copper. I call her " lady in the brown suit." Her eyes are closed and her elbows are close to her side. I think she moved back to the mid-west.

I'll post her picture as soon as I get a new photo of the finished enamel.

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  1. Guess I won't be publishing the picture of her, I just sold her this past weekend, soooo, I'm working on some new gals and hopefully they will stick around at least long enough for me to get their photographs!