Sunday, January 11, 2009


Today was a day of new things. I worked all afternoon in the studio and accomplished quite a bit; four new enamels that I intend to use in some collages I am working on. I'll give you a sneak peek as soon as I get all the elements together. I hope you'll find them interesting as they are different from most of my other work.

Another new thing on this wonderful winter day on the river was that we were favored with the return of the two swans. (I guess the lone swan from Christmas Day wasn't our swan after all.) Tom did get pictures that I'll be posting. They stayed awhile diving for green things from our bank. So beautiful and so fun to see wild things that are as interestd in us as we are in them. The river is up some and they stayed close to the bank and out of the main current. I hope we'll see them again soon.

I'm excited about my new listing on facebook. It's fun to check out what everyone is doing and I'm hoping to add some other artists to my friend list.


  1. You have a most interesting blog. I look forward to many more entries. I followed the links to your store and to your gallery...You and your husband do wonderful work...very impressive.

  2. I'm really sorry I haven't posted lately. The year-end bookwork for the shop has kept me busy. I'm almost ready to put it aside for another year though, and get back to what I really love.